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Welcome to El Puerto Ranch

El Puerto Ranch is a World Class, premier whitetail hunting destination just 28 minutes south of the border in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


El Puerto Ranch still holds the all-time low fence record, harvested by Ron Kolpin in 1983 gross scoring 223 6/8”


Experience the excitement of hunting and chasing “Los Gigantes” (The Giants) over 10,000 acres in North Eastern Mexico's Premier Brush Country. Experience the warmth of Authentic Mexican hospitality and a home-cooked meal.


El Puerto Ranch offers a hunting experience that can’t be matched and an unparalleled game management program. Our year around supplemental feeding program ensures abundant game for your entire hunting party. We handle all of the paperwork and other details so you can focus solely on the hunt. Getting back to nature has never been more enjoyable. Your worries will melt away as you discover the truly unique brush country of El Puerto.


Our ANAHUAC brush country of El Puerto offers ideal habitat and plentiful forage for whitetail and mule deer. In addition to the natural vegetation, our year around supplemental feeding program supplements the growth and vigor of our deer. Our free-choice protein feeders provide an exceptional food source high in protein and fiber.


Our program is aimed primarily at developing a plentiful stock of trophy quality whitetail deer, ideally ranging 160-200+ gross B&C points.

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